Proposed Community

Chelsea proposes to develop a 100 percent affordable home community for:

  • Lower and moderate income seniors earning between $25,450 and $77,600 (2021 AMI figures)
  • Lower and moderate income families earning between $25,450 and $104,800 (2021 AMI figures)
  • Persons with a developmental disability, such as cerebral palsy or Down syndrome

Many seniors, recent graduates, and working professionals and families already living or working in the Clairemont community would qualify to live in the proposed community and enjoy more affordable rent.

Once built, onsite resident services would be provided by Chelsea’s nonprofit partners, Serving Seniors and Southern California Housing Collaborative.

Specific design components and features of the development will be more clearly defined in consultation with the community, elected leadership and key stakeholders. The final unit count and land uses for the community, including non-residential options, will depend on the allowable density and land uses per the final approved Community Plan Amendment (CPA). Community input on these topics as well as the findings of the CPA’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will inform the final design of the project.

For more information about Serving Seniors, visit For more information about Southern California Housing Collaborative, visit

Qualifying Income for Proposed Family Apartments
AMI 1 to 5-person households (2021 figures)
80% $67,900 – $104,800
60% $50,940 – $78,580
50% $42,450 – $65,450
30% $25,450 – $39,300
Qualifying Income for Proposed Senior Apartments
AMI 1 to 2-person households (2019 figures)
80% $67,900 – $77,600
60% $50,940 – $58,180
50% $42,450 – $48,500
30% $25,450 – $29,100