Informational Materials
Project FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – 10/29/2019

Community Presentations
Clairemont Community Planning Group (CPG Meeting) – 9/18/18
Scoping Meeting 1 – 1st Notice of Preparation – 9/25/2018
Scoping Meeting 2 – 2nd Notice of Preparation – 10/15/2018
CPG Meeting – Community Plan Amendment – 10/29/2018
Planning Commission Meeting – Community Plan Amendment – 12/6/2018
Board of Supervisors Meeting – Certification of Final EIR – 1/14/2020
Planning Commission Meeting – Community Plan Amendment – 1/30/2020

Community Meetings
Workshop – 4/11/2019
Workshop Flier
Workshop Program
Summary Report
Community Meeting – 12/5/2019
Community Meeting Posters

Letter to the Community – 2/5/2019
Letter to the Community – 5/22/2019

Other Background Documents
NOP – Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report
RFP – County’s Request for Proposals for development of Affordable Housing under Ground Lease
CPA – Application for Initiation
CPA Draft Cycles Issues

Environmental Impact Report for the Community Plan Amendment
Complete Final EIR – 1/8/2020
Volume 1,2,3, Final EIR
Volume 1, Response to Comments
Volume 2, Errata
Volume 3, Final EIR
FEIR Appendices – 1/8/2020
Appendix A, NOP Scoping Comments
Appendix B, Mount Etna Community Plan Amendment
Appendix C, Planning Commission Resolution
Appendix D, Air Quality
Appendix E, Energy Appendix
Appendix F, GHG Emissions Appendix
Appendix G, Phase I Report
Appendix H, Noise Appendix
Appendix I, Traffic Appendix
Appendix J, AB52 and SB18 Outreach
EIR Fact Sheet
Notice of Availability of a Draft EIR